Building Trades Career

Exploration Program

Practical Real-world career experiences!
Training lead by experts in the field!
Learn about careers such as:

Heavy Equipment Operator/Excavator ● Sheet Metal Worker ● Plumber/Pipe Fitter ● Electrician ● Iron Worker ● Carpenter ● Laborer ● Heat and Frost Insulators ● Cement Masons ● Low Voltage Electricians ● Teamsters ● Tile Setters ● Brick Masons ● Sprinkler fitters ● Floor Coverers ● Elevator Constructors ● Painters ● Glaziers ● Roofers

The Program will meet the first and third Thursday of each month.
Each meeting will feature a different Building Trade!
Sponsored by the Apprenticeship Coordinators Association of MN
Contact Brian at Northern Star Exploring, via email:, for more information.
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