Call for Spurgeon Nominations 2019!

The Spurgeon Award is presented annually to five community leaders who are role models in business, professional and community leadership. These adults are recognized with the award for their career excellence, service to the community and for being a role model for youth and among their peers. Over 240 local leaders count receiving the Spurgeon Award among their various accomplishments. If you have a co-worker, associate, friend or neighbo who has made a difference in shaping the lives of the next generation, please take the opportunity to recognize his or her efforts by filling out a Spurgeon Award nomination form. Volunteers have often given time to the career Exploring program, but this award is not exclusive to Exploring volunteers. Service to many  otheryouth organizations and community groups is recognized.

Forms can be downloaded off our website or by using the contact information on this page. Nominations are typically due June 1, 2019, but we are making an exception for late entries this month! Please get your submissions in quickly..

Awards will be presented at the Community Builder Celebration awards program later this fall.

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