Roundtable Meeting

Boy Led Troop

When: 7:00PM-8:30PM

Where: Howard Lake - Waverly High School

The mission of the Scout roundtable is to provide quality resources, knowledge, and skills to unit leaders to enable and motivate them to deliver an outstanding program to their Scout troops. Roundtables focus on program highlights for upcoming months, not on the current month.

Many Scouters claim; “We have a boy-led (or youth-led, or Scout-led) Troop,” but what does that really mean?

Official literature mentions this sort of thing often, but how is do we really define “boy-led”?

We’d like to think what the Scouts do and how they do it defines “boy-led”, but it doesn't.  Young people lead themselves all the time, it comes quite naturally to them.

What adults do is just as important to a boy-led troop as what adults don't do.




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